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Maxus is making the test-drive experience a lot more convenient

All you have to do is tell the brand where you are

Want to check if the Maxus G50 fits your needs in a vehicle? PHOTO FROM MAXUS

A clear reality of test-driving vehicles these days is the fact that one has to head to the dealership to do it. And while all automakers do their best to strictly enforce health and safety measures in their facilities, it can’t be helped that some customers will still be averse to venturing out. But Maxus Philippines plans to change that by simply having the cars come to the clients.

Maxus’s Home Test Drive means that potential buyers can just stay at home and let the vehicles come to their doorstep. Customers just have to visit this website and fill in the required details. A confirmation e-mail with listing of reviews and testimonials will then be sent to help each buyer make a wise decision on his or her desired vehicle.

The preferred dealer will then get in touch with the customer to gloss over a few details, such as license information and health declaration, and finally confirm the test-drive schedule. And it’s now just a matter of waiting for the vehicle, which will be accompanied by a sales consultant who has passed his or her own medical check and will be wearing personal protective equipment for the duration of the test drive.

The entire lineup of Maxus vehicles from the tough T60 pickup to the spacious G10 van will be available for the test drive. Go choose a schedule now and try the Maxus experience for yourself.

Miggi Solidum

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