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Jaguar to go all-electric by 2025

The Leaping Cat’s future will no longer reek of gasoline

Jaguar's once proud and powerful piston engines will be no more by 2025. PHOTO FROM JAGUAR

It seems like there is a steady stream of automakers wanting to rid their products of fossil fuel in exchange for an emissions-free power source. We don’t know if the health crisis had something to do with this movement, but car companies who were once proud of their petrol-powered heritage are now turning to batteries and electricity. And speaking of heritage, the latest name to join this bandwagon of sorts is Jaguar.

Yes, the Leaping Cat is finally ready to make a transition to a gasoline- and diesel-free future just like its fellow luxury automaker, Bentley. But if you think the latter’s zero-emission deadline of 2030 is already ambitious, the former plans to up the ante and be solely dependent on batteries by 2025. There is no doubt that the all-electric I-Pace will become the focal point of Jaguar’s R&D work regarding EV technology, which will include a platform solely for use by electric cars.

Such an announcement may be a sign that the days of Jaguar’s product lines such as the F-Type and the XJ may already be numbered. Sister brand Land Rover is also on the same page—planning to launch its first all-electric car by 2024. As for Jaguar’s continuation cars program, there is no word yet if these low-volume remade classics will be running on battery power.

Miggi Solidum

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