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What our mothers tell us about cars and motoring

If these sound familiar, that’s because you’ve heard them from your mom

Mothers have a tendency to nag us when we're driving. PHOTO FROM PIXABAY

There’s nothing in God’s universe quite as powerful or as precious as a mother’s love. If it weren’t for our mothers, we wouldn’t be here or become who we are today.

With a mother’s love comes a bombardment of never-ending reminders of care dished out with an often gentle voice (or in a sometimes angry tone). As a car guy, I woke up today remembering my late mom and some of the things she said to me that concerned cars or driving.

So, I decided to ask my editorial teammates about the most memorable car-related things Mother Dear had ever said to them.

Anak, Divisoria tayo this Saturday?” – Miggi Solidum

“Stop looking at that Lexus, and keep your eyes on the road! You won’t have enough money for one if you don’t.” – Sam Surla

Huwag kakalimutang magdasal bago at pagkatapos bumiyahe.” – Red Santiago

Bilisan mo naman, anak. Para kang matanda kung magpatakbo.” – Andy Leuterio

Patugtugin mo nga si Nora Aunor.” – Vernon B. Sarne

When I was still a young driver, I was rummaging through my things and frantically looking for the car keys. Mom noticed and quipped: “Son, kung ’di lang nakakabit yang bayag mo, matagal nang nawala ’yan. Laging maging masinop.” My wife definitely agrees.

Mothers will always be the queens of safety, and they will constantly remind us to practice defensive and disciplined driving. The least we could do is listen to them, obey them and appreciate them. After all, mothers know best.

Below are contributions from our readers:

1. “Kakalinis mo lang kahapon tapos mag-wax ka naman ngayon? E kung nagluluto ka na lang ng dinner natin?” – Joshua Herrera

2. “Kung maka-overtake ka naman akala mo naglalaro ka pa rin ng Gran Turismo.” – Leandro Galero

3. “Anak, hayaan mo na sila mauna. Makakarating din tayo sa pupuntahan natin.” – Jaypee Gonzalez

4. “Huhugasan mo na naman ’yan? Diligan mo na rin ang mga halaman ko!” – Je Alvarez

5. “Itabi mo sandali. May vendor ng prutas. Mag-hazard lights ka na lang. Sandali lang ako.” – Denmark Cristobal

6. “Anak, ambilis na ng takbo mo.” – Simon Gerard Gaac

7. “Anak, patience. Always remember that God blessed you with a car, and that you are in the comfort of air-conditioning. Some people drive all day for a living, under the noontime heat.’ – Uzzi Asuncion

8. “Okay, anak, ah. May points ba pag dinaanan mo lahat ng potholes?” – Xeres Guia

9. “Dahan-dahan laang. Ako’y tutulog muna.” – Adrian Catapang

10. “Wala ng gas? Kakapa-gas mo pa lang, ah!” – Christian Manalo Cabal

11. “Kotse ang sinakyan ko, hindi eroplano!” – Chira dela Cruz

12. “Mabilis o mabagal man, makakarating ka sa pupuntahan mo. Ang importante, mag-ingat ka palagi.” – Allen Mallari

13. “Dahan-dahan nga. Ninenerbiyos ako sa ’yo, e.” – Jacob Oliva

14. “Manang-mana ka sa tatay mong kaskasero.” – Paolo Rivero

15. “Ano akala mo sa akin, namumulot ng pera?” (during PMS) – Bong Castro

16. “Mag-ingat ka! Wala tayong pambayad ’pag nabangga ka.” – Ernest Rufo

17. “Ang liit naman ng kotse nyo. Buti malamig.” (mother-in-law) – Francis Mangahas

Manskee Nascimento

Manskee is a music-loving petrolhead who specializes in car care. He finds peace in long drives to and from his home in La Union.