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These Filipino dudes are crazy about the Mazda RX-7

Here they are, congregating for their cars’ July 7 celebration

They’re not a car club. Just a bunch of RX-7 owners. PHOTO BY MIKKO DAVID

The Wankel or rotary engine is one interesting piece of machinery that placed Mazda on hallowed ground. Besides powering all three generations of the RX-7 sports car and making a name for itself in motorsports, it also brought together a bunch of seriously dedicated enthusiasts on our shores. Last weekend, these guys had an intimate meet inside the Ortigas Home Depot compound in honor of “7’s Day,” an annual tradition that’s observed among RX-7 owners around the world every July 7 (7/7).

We didn’t know the Philippines had this many RX-7s. PHOTO BY MIKKO DAVID

For the record, this isn’t a formal car club, says Aurick Go, one of the RX-7 owners responsible for this gathering. He explains that caring for an RX-7 already requires loads of work and love, so their group no longer has the time or the energy for all the usual bullshit that comes with an “organized” car club. Yes, there exists an RX-7 club in the Philippines, but with all due respect to that organization, Aurick just likes keeping things simple and focused on the cars.

Don’t you just wish someone would look at you the way these guys look at their sports cars? PHOTO BY MIKKO DAVID

The friendship in this group is pretty much as genuine as the romance with the badge. These men have created a reliable network of individuals and shops that help maintain, repair and modify their iconic cars. A couple of years back, I was fortunate enough to shake hands with the man who continues to keep these awesome rides running. He has been dubbed “The Maestro.” The RX-7 owners hang out in his garage, nurturing drama-free camaraderie within a tight circle of petrolheads.

Car talk is always better than politics or religion. PHOTOS BY MIKKO DAVID

To properly own an RX-7 would be tantamount to maintaining a monk’s commitment to a monastic way of life. For one, it’s not easy sourcing a unit—the car was never sold officially in the Philippines through an authorized distributor. It’s a bittersweet relationship between car and owner, one in which these gentlemen find fulfillment and happiness. And so, the essence of a meetup is to celebrate and share the deep love each owner has for his Mazda sports car. No bullshit, no drama, all RX-7.

Cars always have a way of turning men into geeks. PHOTOS BY MIKKO DAVID

Manskee Nascimento

Manskee is a music-loving petrolhead who specializes in car care. He finds peace in long drives to and from his home in La Union.