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You need to wear these motoring spoof shirts

They’re made by a local apparel brand called Karco

Let’s hope Tanaka execs don’t find out what this means. IMAGE FROM KARCO

In late 2015, when I was still with Top Gear Philippines, I came across Karco, a Facebook page that was hawking motoring-themed shirts. I contacted the page and offered to do a story about the apparel. For some reason, the people behind Karco politely declined, saying they wanted to “keep their heads down and focus on building a great product and company.”

In 2017, I got in touch with the page again, this time asking if they’d want to be featured in a segment on Turbo Zone. Again, they demurred, pointing out that appearing in mainstream media was still not part of their marketing strategy.

Well, today, Karco sent me these images of its latest shirt line, a limited-edition run of spoof graphics. As with other parody shirts, Karco’s designs are a hit-or-miss affair, depending on one’s aesthetic taste and sense of humor. I’ve picked the better (read: funnier) ones, and I’d like to share them with you.

This would look nice on your boss. If you like him, that is. IMAGE FROM KARCO

These shirts sell for P740 apiece. Lance Reyes Cruz, one of the owners of Karco, explained that these have a higher price tag than the regular items because they’re limited-edition and “it took so much time and creative thinking to produce them.”

All of us have that one person we want to give this to. IMAGE FROM KARCO

There are two ways to get these shirts if you’re interested. First is online. You may place your order by messaging Karco’s Facebook page. The second is by personally making the trip to Karco’s headquarters, located at 19 Lourdes Street, Buenamar Subdivision, Novaliches, Quezon City.

For people who like announcing their relationship status. IMAGE FROM KARCO

I’m all for promoting the efforts of Filipino entrepreneurs. Their success means more jobs and more taxes for the country. Check out the other shirt designs below—your car-obsessed father or brother or friend or boss or significant other will love them.

You want to hoard several designs, don’t you? Go order. IMAGES FROM KARCO

Vernon B. Sarne

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