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You can now have a helicopter to go with your Aston Martin

British automaker teams up with Airbus for a special ACH130

Just how truly loaded people roll. Deal with it. PHOTO FROM ASTON MARTIN

British luxury automaker Aston Martin is continuing its foray into vehicles with fewer than four wheels. Following the unveiling of the Aston Martin motorbike not too long ago, the brand is now taking to the skies by collaborating with helicopter manufacturer Airbus. The result is called the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition, which will provide wealthy jet-setters with an especially stylish way to travel. Does anyone really need a helicopter with Aston Martin seats and logos? Nope. But it’s pretty to look at, so why not?

Yes, your supercar is nice, but this is way nicer. PHOTOS FROM ASTON MARTIN

The latest press release coming out of Gaydon in England uses plenty of posh words again, but there’s one thing missing from the text: the price tag of this latest joint venture. A quick bit of research tells us, however, that the newest vehicle to feature an Aston Martin logo will set you back a lot more than any of the luxury cars we dream about. Prices for a normal Airbus ACH130 start north of $3 million, and getting the supercar maker involved will probably add significantly to the final sum you’ll have to write on your check. In return, you’ll get a helicopter that gleams in one of four Aston Martin paint schemes, including Stirling Green, Xenon Gray, Arizona and Ultramarine Black. Each of them also features an interior to go with it, whereby wealthy passengers can combine the black ultra-suede trim with leathers in such colors as Oxford Tan, Pure Black, Cormorant or Ivory.

Because you need to rub in the fact that you are obscenely rich and bored with money. PHOTOS FROM ASTON MARTIN

Unsurprisingly, the cabin was inspired by Aston Martin cars and even features some of the same detailing as you’d find in a DB11. The engine of this opulent flying machine remains untouched by the way, as it already has more than enough power to get you where you need to go. And let’s be honest: Even the best Aston Martin engineers would probably feel a little lost at the sight of the Arriel 2D turbine at the heart of this chopper. Producing 952shp (that’s shaft horsepower) at takeoff, it helps the ACH130 to a cruising speed of 134 knots—or almost 250km/h—that can be enjoyed for up to 643km—or four hours and 13 minutes of flight—before the 540L fuel tank will need to be topped up again.

If you decide to treat yourself to one of these babies, then you’ll also get a plaque with your name and the edition number—attached to the instrument panel—so your pilot never forgets who and what he’s flying. If you fancy one, Airbus is now ready to take your order, with deliveries expected to start within the first quarter of this year.

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