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The Toyota GR Supra gets a drivable, life-size Lego version

You can see it up close at Legoland Japan Resort

It took over 5,000 hours to plan and build the life-size Lego GR Supra. PHOTO FROM LEGOLAND JAPAN RESORT

We’re guessing that someone at Toyota HQ didn’t find the Speed Champions version of the Lightning Yellow GR Supra sufficient enough to satisfy his or her childhood fantasies, and had the automaker build a big one. The company partnered with Lego for a large brick iteration of the sports car, which celebrates its 35th anniversary in Japan.

You can drive this thing up to 28km/h. PHOTOS FROM LEGOLAND JAPAN RESORT

Assembled using 477,303 individual bricks, the thing took about 3,000 hours to plan everything and another painstaking 2,400 hours to construct. The build team managed to recreate every little exterior and interior detail, which is no small feat. The result also features a driver seat, a steering wheel, wheels, tires and emblems taken from the real car. The Lego GR Supra tips the scales at 1,885kg, a whole 245kg heavier than the road-legal version.

But this isn’t just any large-scale Lego model. You can actually drive this thing just like the Lego Bugatti Chiron. It doesn’t feature the same BMW-sourced engine underneath, though. A single electric motor propels the car to a top speed of 28km/h, with functional headlights to boot.

That is an OEM steering wheel right there. PHOTO FROM LEGOLAND JAPAN RESORT

The life-size Lego GR Supra will be displayed to the public at Legoland Japan Resort in Nagoya (beside a scaled-up Minifigure) until October 11. It will also make appearances at the following Super GT rounds: Autopolis (October 23-24), Twin Ring Motegi (November 6-7), and Fuji Speedway (November 27-28).

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