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Santa, get me this retro-cool Ford Mustang turntable

It plays vinyl records and converts the songs to digital files

Which car nut wouldn't like this record player in the living room? PHOTO FROM MIKE BARRION

I’ve never owned a Ford Mustang, but my father did when he was alive. So, please forgive my fondness for this car and anything that has its iconic emblem. This portable turntable is a good case in point.

Lucky is the person who will get this for Christmas. PHOTO FROM MIKE BARRION

If you love music but get bored with the convenience afforded by streaming services, this right here allows you to play your crisp-and-popping vinyl records through its built-in speakers. It also has an AM/FM receiver in case you’re not sick of all the BS being fed to the masses. At least this receiver boasts a speedometer look, giving the whole gadget the appearance of a classic car radio.

Best of all, this thing has the ability to convert your vinyl albums to digital, and then store the files onto USB flash drives.

Even when you're not using this player, it's just something to stare at. PHOTOS FROM MIKE BARRION

This device is manufactured by a brand called Ion Audio. Maybe you can contact them here if you’re interested. Maybe I will. My father would likely jam along to an Elvis Presley record. The Ford Mustang logo is just a bonus.

Vernon B. Sarne

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