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The Shelby F-150 Super Snake Sport is one seriously souped-up truck

This should make the F-150 Raptor feel like a regular Ranger

Most pickup trucks are tough. This one is tough and fast. PHOTO FROM SHELBY

Are you someone who likes to drive fast but also needs to haul loads of cargo around? Then get your wallet out, because Shelby has created a ride you’ll definitely love. Say hello to the F-150 Super Snake Sport, a modified Ford pickup that packs the engine power of a small aircraft carrier under its huge hood and is bound to leave drivers of lesser utility vehicles weeping in its wake. Using America’s most popular truck (the Ford F-150, of course) as a base, the engineers at Shelby really went to town and threw everything but the kitchen sink at this machine. The result is a mean-looking hulk of a truck that packs no fewer than 770 horses and commands a reasonable price tag. Sadly, only 250 units will ever be built, and they are all heading to the US and Canada, unless someone manages to grab one and bring it over here.

We don’t dig the racing stripes, but okay. Shelby, right? PHOTOS FROM SHELBY

Normally, if you want a car with over 700hp under the hood, you’ll need to contact someone in Italy, who will be happy to help you in exchange for a hefty check. Not so with the all-American car nuts from Shelby, where a machine that can steal the show from any Ferrari or Lamborghini will only set you back a pretty affordable $93,385 (P4.73 million). For that amount of money, you’ll get a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 wrapped in a menacing body that will strike the fear of God into anyone who sees it in his rearview mirror. Gentler souls can also opt for a 395hp naturally aspirated version, but that would be like ordering Bicol Express and asking the chef to remove the chilies. No, this beast needs to be bought with all the bells and whistles available, and there are quite a few of them.

Ah, yes...that is a 22-inch wheel, because why not? PHOTOS FROM SHELBY

For starters, there’s that big V8, which comes with a powder-coated blue supercharger and a performance air intake. Then there’s the Shelby suspension system that makes the whole thing sit lower on the ground so the driver might even get a fighting chance to wrestle with this titanic truck around corners—although the fact it still has leaf springs at the rear tells you that there are certain limitations to the racing aspirations of this vehicle. An upgraded brake setup and a properly loud exhaust system are also yours to enjoy, as are huge 22-inch aluminum wheels sporting street performance tires.

No, people will never mistake this for a slow Raptor. PHOTOS FROM SHELBY

To make sure that nobody mistakes this for a normal F-150, Shelby also throws in a new bodykit complete with a ram-air hood and a front splitter, as well as Super Snake Sport badging and some go-fast stripes. The proud owner can mash the pedal to the metal and experience how this truck can go from zero to 100km/h in a mere 3.5 seconds. Shelby hasn’t revealed the top speed of its latest creation, but you can expect it to be frightening.

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