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The 5-door Suzuki Jimny has finally landed in PH

The iconic, tiny off-roader has upgraded for the family

Four thumbs up for the longer 4x4. PHOTO BY JUSTIN YOUNG

The cat is now out of the bag. After numerous teasers on and off the road, Suzuki Philippines has finally unveiled the venerable Jimny in its five-door glory at Okada Manila. Now sporting two extra doors, any family man or woman can enter the Jimny lifestyle without compromising space and rear legroom.

Its rear seats have been slightly redesigned from the three-door original. PHOTOS BY JUSTIN YOUNG AND SAM SURLA

The biggest change with the five-door Jimny is the space for rear passengers. Its length was increased from 3,480mm to 3,820mm, providing enough legroom and headroom for tall adult riders. Its wheelbase also grew from 2,250mm to 2,590mm to maintain the approach and departure angles from the original Jimny.

Imagine if it came with a more powerful hybrid powertrain. PHOTOS BY JUSTIN YOUNG

One of the main components that hasn’t changed is the 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, code-named K15B, delivering the same output of 102hp and 130Nm with a choice of a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission. While it sounds bizarre to hear no gains in power, the engineers at Maruti Suzuki reassures that it can live out the same experience as the three-door version.

Glad to see Suzuki still embracing the manual crowd. PHOTOS BY JUSTIN YOUNG

Apart from proper rear seats and unique headrests, the interior hasn’t received any major makeovers. The familiar dashboard remains utilitarian with a revamped infotainment system in either a seven-inch (GL) or nine-inch (GLX) configuration. Meanwhile, the cubbyhole beside the handbrake is replaced with rear-window controls.

How would you style your five-door Jimny? PHOTOS BY JUSTIN YOUNG

The overall design—like the lights, the bumpers, the fender flares, the tailgate, and the grille (albeit in a brighter gray)—has been carried over from the JB74 Jimny, bringing more practicality to an already iconic design.

Here are the prices for the five-door Suzuki Jimny:

  • GL MT – P1,558,000
  • GLX AT – P1,698,000
  • GLX AT (two-tone) – P1,708,000

We can’t wait to see these units roaming around and outside Metro Manila, more so with modified examples. Has your craving for the pint-size off-roader skyrocketed?

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