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Maxus Philippines to launch D60 SUV

Said to come with Alcantara seats, among other things

The D60 is Maxus's first SUV offering in the country. PHOTO FROM MAXUS

If there is one lucrative segment that Maxus has not entered, it is that of crossovers and sport utility vehicles. And following the successful launch of its rather stylish G50 people carrier, the automaker is keen on making its mark in a practically crowded market with the equally trendy D60 midsize SUV.

Hard to believe that a Chinese brand makes something that looks this good. PHOTOS FROM MAXUS

Apart from the fact that the seven-seat version of the Maxus D60 will be the one coming to our market, details about the car’s specifications are still scarce. A quick look at the Maxus China website reveals the vehicle’s dimensions: 4,720mm long, 1,860mm wide, and 1,736mm high. These measurements closely match those of the Hyundai Santa Fe.

The seats are said to be partially trimmed in Alcantara, just like a supercar. PHOTOS FROM MAXUS

The D60 comes with a choice of two turbocharged engines: a 1.3-liter and a 1.5-liter. The bigger of these power units produces 166hp and 250Nm of torque – practically identical to that of the G50’s motor. Even the transmission is the same: a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. And according to the vehicle’s global press release, the D60 will apparently come with seats that are partially upholstered in Alcantara.

We hope the D60 comes in Roland Purple, just like the G50. PHOTO FROM MAXUS

Maxus Philippines says that the D60’s pricing will match that of popular smaller SUVs, so this is one vehicle that should intrigue budget-conscious customers.

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