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For Volkswagen, the future looks like this

Its ID Crozz concept is a compact SUV and it’s electric

In the coming years, Volkswagen plans to populate our roads with small electric SUVs. PHOTO FROM VOLKSWAGEN

Automakers these days are either going electric or building more crossover SUVs, as these two are apparently the way moving forward. Volkswagen has a better idea: combine both and come up with an electric compact SUV. Which is exactly what the ID Crozz concept is.

The German automaker has already said that it will introduce an electric compact SUV in the US in 2020, and the ID Crozz looks to be the preliminary step of that plan. The vehicle you see here is already a minor evolution of the original concept presented in Shanghai in April this year.

The panoramic glass roof has LED strips that illuminate the cabin. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

The ID Crozz is envisioned as an EV running on two electric motors—one per axle—complemented by an 83kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The front motor produces 101hp and the rear one generates 201hp, for a total system output of 302hp. Expected driving range on a single charge is 480km.

The battery, according to Volkswagen, may be recharged to 80% in just 30 minutes using a 150kWh direct-current charger.

You're not imagining things: This concept vehicle really has no B-pillars. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

The ID Crozz is virtually a sci-fi movie on wheels. It boasts voice command capability and a 360° light show. The doors and the trunk are voice-activated, and VW logos light up to greet the driver and his passengers when the car is “awakened.” Say “Hello ID” and the cockpit comes to life.

Speaking of the doors, the front ones open to a very accommodating 90°, while the rear ones slide. And since there are no B-pillars, a long object (like a bicycle) may be placed in the middle of the cabin sideways.

If you don't want to drive, activate the Pilot mode and the steering wheel will retract to create more space. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

Volkswagen also aims to give this electric compact SUV a self-driving system, which the company wants to roll out on its production models by 2025. So when the driver says, “Hello ID, please activate Pilot mode,” the futuristic steering wheel retracts. Like we said, it’s all very sci-fi.

With a single-charge driving range of almost 500km, this car offers exciting road-trip possibilities. PHOTO FROM VOLKSWAGEN

The foreseeable future of motoring seems to be electric, and tomorrow’s vehicle type of choice seems to be the small SUV. Combining both trends in one package is probably the wisest thing a car company can do at the moment.

Vernon B. Sarne

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