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Ferrari’s V12 legacy lives on with 812 Competizione and Competizione A

Nothing wrong with making the Superfast just a little faster

Ferrari still believes in the 'no-turbo policy' with the 812 Competizione. PHOTO FROM FERRARI

It’s another special day for the Prancing Horse on its very own Fiorano circuit as a V12-powered car sporting a striking yellow racing stripe over its silver body finish blasts down one of the straights then crackles as it downshifts going into a bend. This historical test track has been turned into the launching stage for Ferrari’s meanest naturally aspirated V12 to date: the 812 Competizione.

If the 812 Superfast wasn’t fast enough, this latest Italian stallion gallops with 818hp (29hp more than the regular one) and 692Nm, and revs to a goosebump-inducing 9,500rpm. The seven-speed F1 dual-clutch gearbox now changes gear faster as well.

Just imagine the sound this car makes when it bounces off the 9,500rpm redline. PHOTO FROM FERRARI

As the 812 Competizione completed a thrilling lap, Ferrari chief marketing and commercial officer Enrico Galliera was proud to announce a time of one minute and 20 seconds. That’s 1.5 seconds faster than the 812 Superfast and the 488 Pista around the famed course. The Competizione now hits 100km/h from a full stop in just 2.85 seconds and reaches the 200km/h mark in 7.5 seconds. Impressive.

This special-edition supercar is a culmination of Ferrari’s unrivaled racing spirit from decades of endurance and F1 racing, as well as successes with its road-going cars. Apart from significant improvements made in the engine such as the redesigned cylinder heads and intake system, the incorporation of titanium rods, the use of diamond-like carbon on the cams and the piston pins, the evolved aerodynamics, and the utilization of carbon fiber in the body and the wheels (a first for a V12 Ferrari) have significantly reduced wind drag and weight. All these components make the 812 Competizione lighter than the Superfast by 38kg.

The 812 Competizione blitzed the Superfast's Fiorano lap time by 1.5 seconds. PHOTO FROM FERRARI

Other changes include a redesigned oil tank, allowing the Competizione to cope with the extra oil flow (up to 30% more) to withstand the vehicle’s lateral and longitudinal acceleration. To comply with emissions standards, a gasoline particulate filter was added into the exhaust system. In order not to sacrifice the glorious V12 sound that owners deeply enjoy, engineers modified the exhaust tailpipes into a trumpet shape and used resonators in the intake tract. With careful tweaking, the technical team was able to retain the ideal harmonic frequencies that emanate from both the intake and exhaust systems that mix to create that beautiful V12 sound.

On the topic of aerodynamics, a number of changes have been executed across the vehicle. Some of the most notable are the unique front spoiler, the carbon-fiber blade straddling the width of the bonnet, and the vortex generators found on the rear windscreen. Changes in airflow design from front (with a new set of intake ducts flanking the center grille) to rear have been meticulously engineered to do two things: increase downforce and provide more efficient cooling for the engine and the braking system. In total, an additional 80kg of downforce is produced at 200km/h.

If the hardtop is a bit too quiet, you can savor more of the V12 goodness with the targa version. PHOTOS FROM FERRARI

A huge technical innovation in the 812 Competizione is the four-wheel independent steering. Married with the latest version of Side Slip Control, the vehicle’s handling and cornering dynamics have made it easier and more enjoyable to maneuver through corners. With all these evolved elements, piloting the 812 Competizione is set to deliver satisfaction unlike any V12 machine the brand has ever built.

To give collectors an added option, Galliera also unveiled the stunning 812 Competizione A. ‘A’ stands for aperta, which means “open top.” The targa version of the 812 Competizione carries all the outstanding technical aspects of its coupe sibling, except for a detachable carbon-fiber roof that fits neatly into the trunk while still leaving room for luggage.

Aerodynamics of the small front windscreen wing works with the carbon-fiber blade on the hood to reduce wind turbulence within the open cockpit, thus enhancing comfort. To compensate for the absence of the vortex generators found in the coupe version, a spoiler bridge between the two flying buttresses behind the headrests assists in the overall airflow through the body.

Ferrari says that all 812 Competiziones have already been spoken for. PHOTOS FROM FERRARI

On a side note, Ferrari’s technical head shared that his company is continuously working with Shell—its long-standing fuel partner—to create innovative fuels to preserve both the combustion engine and the environment. These magnificent cars are proof of Ferrari’s drive in keeping its V12 legacy alive, and we aren’t complaining.

As we speak, all units of both the 812 Competizione and Competizione A have been sold to Ferrari’s exclusive and loyal clientele. For the sake of conversation, pricing for the 812 Competizione starts at €499,000 (P29 million) for the fixed-roof model, and €578,000 (P33.6 million) for the targa version.

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