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Cadillac gives the Escalade a V version

Will this be a genuine high-performance luxury tank?

Does the Escalade-V look like a bona fide performance vehicle? PHOTO FROM CADILLAC

Cadillac is now trying to lure customers who are not eligible for senior-citizen discounts. Its CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing sedans, for example, aren’t recommended for buyers suffering from any form of calcium deficiency in their bones. However, the luxury automaker has a new product that comes with the famed V badge.

As always, black wheels make everything sporty. PHOTO FROM CADILLAC

It’s the Escalade-V. And it makes us wonder how this thing will get around the Willow Springs circuit without tipping over. The ride height alone might give this SUV more body roll than Rick Astley. But on the other hand, we hope that the V treatment won’t just be some tacky appearance package in order to appeal to a younger crowd.

We'll just have to wait for the juicy details of the Escalade-V. PHOTO FROM CADILLAC

The automaker will reveal the differences between the Escalade-V and the standard model later this year. The suspense it is creating might mean that we can expect significant mechanical upgrades and bonkers performance figures. But we’re also taming our excitement as this is not the vehicle to set blistering lap times in.

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