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BMW reveals new G61 5-Series Touring

The future of wagons is the pride of Dingolfing

Wagons are the best compromise between a sedan and a crossover that barely anyone pays attention to. PHOTO FROM BMW

The new BMW 5-Series has already made waves when it first debuted last year, receiving a mixed review in its overall design and tech. Nevertheless, the German midsize sedan soldiers into a crossover world. And in true European fashion, the wagon variant has finally been unveiled.

Wealthy adventurers are welcome to save the wagons from extinction. PHOTOS FROM BMW

The new 5-Series Touring carries over the polarizing sharp front end into a station wagon form with a unique set of taillights that flip its orientation from the sedan counterpart. Its dimensions and 2,995mm wheelbase remain identical, but the expanded pillar means an increase in trunk space between 570L and 1,700L with the seats down.

The i5 Touring is also an inevitable phase to bring wagon enthusiasts onto the electric side. The M60 xDrive keeps the M Sport suspension and brakes, and Adaptive Chassis Professional to maintain a balance in handling at a rapid pace.

You can't engineer a wagon if it can't tow a camper trailer. PHOTOS FROM BMW

The interior hasn’t deviated from the sedan, like the combined curved display of the 12.3-inch digital cluster and the 14.9-inch infotainment display, the iDrive on the latest Operating System 8.5, and the standard vegan-friendly Veganza interior.

A unique inclusion is a panoramic sunroof spanning across the roof, an advantage that wagons have over sedans. The Driving Assistant Professional and the Parking Assistant Professional suites are also brought over to the Touring, but the Trailer Assist comes standard exclusively to the body style.

The PHEV and the electric 5-Series Touring have different charging locations, like the regular sedan. PHOTOS FROM BMW

As with the regular 5-Series, the Touring brings over the same powertrain options ranging between mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric. The 520d, carrying the 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine with a 48V battery, and both i5 models will be the first to roll out for Europe and Japan in May 2024, while the six-cylinder 540d and the PHEV 530e will have to wait until a month after.

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