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Here’s a quick recap of the 2nd leg of the 2023 TGR Vios Cup

A weekend full of excitement and action

The second leg of the 2023 TGR Vios Cup was, as always, full of exciting twists and turns. PHOTO BY HANS BOSSHARD

An avenue to see and experience the ubiquitous yet legendary Vios in a new light, the second leg of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Vios Cup has come and gone. While all the excitement and action that happened left us with a hangover for more racing, here’s a quick recap of what transpired over at Clark International Speedway.

The circuit championship had celebrity racers, seasoned veterans, up-and-coming drivers, and a few interesting vehicles leading the pack. PHOTOS BY HANS BOSSHARD

In the main event, Races 4-6 of the TGR Vios Cup were held on September 9 and 10. Jam-packed with close racing and wildcards—with a sprinkling of some contact here and there—it’s impossible to predict who was bound to take home the trophy, making the 30 or so odd minutes to the finish absolutely filled to the brim with hair-raising racing.

Despite the action involved, appropriate controls such as standard equipment and trackside protocols meant that both the circuit racers and the autocross drivers were able to experience the Vios one-make race for what it was capable of while being safe. One could push the performance envelope and even get exciting action while maintaining safety above all.

The TGR Vios Cup helps make motorsports even more accessible to racers of various skill levels, and to the public with free entrance and livestreaming. PHOTOS BY HANS BOSSHARD

With Toyota’s support, the TGR Vios Cup also serves as an avenue to promote motorsports in the Philippines. All levels, from grassroots to established racers, are able to compete with each other in one-make race cars to eke out the skill and the performance needed to secure a podium finish.

As for the spectators, the entrance was free, and the whole event was livestreamed on Toyota Gazoo Racing Philippines’ Facebook page, ensuring that the barrier of entry to watch and enjoy motorsports was as low as possible.

While the Super Sporting class tends to have the closest races among all events, there's excitement to be had at every part of the TGR Vios Cup. PHOTO BY HANS BOSSHARD

And boy, would you not want to miss it. The sights, the sounds, and the smells invigorate the senses and make the thrilling performance of the Vios Cup racers that much more enjoyable. Especially as one reaches the Super Sporting class, the fight gets close and more action takes place. Anything can happen, and it’s anybody’s race the moment the green flag gets waved.

Gazoo Racing exists for Toyota to push the limits for the better—whether on the track, out on the rally stage, or for everyday driving. PHOTO BY HANS BOSSHARD

But ultimately, the goal of Toyota’s Gazoo Racing is to push the limits for the better. New technologies are being developed and tested at the performance level with the ultimate goal of making motoring better for everybody.

From pushing performance to its very limit as an engineering exercise, winning awards at motorsport events such as World Rally Championships, developing up-and-coming racers and honing their skills online and at the track, all the way to implementing new engineering techniques and technologies to make driving safer and more enjoyable, everyone benefits from the insane world of motorsport that Gazoo Racing is making waves in.

What a way for Toyota to show just how capable the new Tamaraw concept is, than by using it as a safety car for the TGR Vios Cup circuit championship. PHOTOS BY HANS BOSSHARD

And what better way to show that than by exhibiting the next-generation Tamaraw Concept as a safety car. Not only does Toyota reimagine the legendary nameplate with sleek looks, but it also shows that the vehicle can perform on the track as well.

The new and improved HIlux GR-S was also shown off at the event. PHOTO BY MANSKEE NASCIMENTO

Those who went to the event in person were lucky to get a sneak preview of the new Toyota Hilux GR-S with its Dakar-inspired styling and off-road performance chops.

Taking the hybrid racer up on three wheels round the autocross track shows the Corolla Altis GR-S HEV's racing pedigree. PHOTO BY HANS BOSSHARD

And, with the world being more electrified these days, the Corolla Altis GR-S HEV also demonstrates that it can perform as a hybrid racer.

Not only did it keep up with the Circuit Championship Promotional class in the hands of none other than Marlon Stockinger, but the car set impressive lap times with the Autocross Challenge as well.

To culminate the race weekend, Soapdish serenaded spectators with some OPM covers and a few of their original hits. PHOTO BY HANS BOSSHARD

The two days of racing, fun and excitement finally came to a close with Soapdish dishing out some classic and original OPM songs, before culminating in the awarding ceremony. Here are the winners:


  • Coolest racer
    • Ryan Agoncillo
  • Madiskarte racer
    • Michael Keilani Jordan
  • Consistent racer of the day (Influencer Class)
    • Enzo Pineda


  • Promotional Class
    • Jarond Mesina
  • Sporting Class
    • Maila Alivia
  • Super Sporting Class
    • Red Diwa


Circuit Championship

  • Promotional Class
    • Jarond Mesina (2:29.37)
  • Sporting Class
    • Jiro Garbes (2:28.672)
  • Super Sporting Class
    • Royce Sarmiento (2:25.967)


  • Media Promotional Class
    • Patricia Tenorio (46.19)
  • Media Sporting Class
    • John Rey Sandiego (42.58)
  • Influencer Promotional Class
    • Ezra Domingo (45.72)
  • Influencer Sporting Class
    • Reph Bangsil (43.74)


  • Excitement award
    • Macoy Dubs (Macoy Averilla)
  • Clutch award
    • Mica De los Reyes
  • Smooth driver award
    • Reph Bangsil


  • Crowd favorite
    • Megan Young
  • Favorite driver
    • Jiro Garbes
  • Adrenaline driver
    • Red Diwa
  • Slick turns
    • Siegwald “Wowie” Go


  • Happy Hotel/Chooks To Go
    • Alain Alzona
    • Jay Lao
    • Red Diwa



  • Media Promotional Class
  1. Lyka Tan
  2. Patricia Tenorio
  3. Mica De los Reyes
  • Influencer Promotional Class
  1. Ezra Domingo
  2. Bianca Yao
  3. Genesis Redido
  • Media Sporting Class
  1. Siegwald Go
  2. Ronald Delos Reyes
  3. John Rey San Diego
  • Influencer sporting class
  1. Reph Bangsil
  2. Miguel Romulo
  3. Lexi Mendiola

Circuit Championship

(Race 4)

  • Promotional Class
  1. Bong Garbes (#36)
  2. Jarond Mesina (#24)
  3. Paolo Ayo (#31)
  • Sporting Class
  1. Michael Keilani Jordan (#23)
  2. Jay Lao (#66)
  3. Darrell Garbes (#76)
  • Super Sporting Class
  1. John Dizon (#41)
  2. Ian Rosales (#69)
  3. Joaquin Garrido (#63)

(Race 5)

  • Promotional Class
  1. Alain Alzona (#19)
  2. Julia Delos Angeles (#61)
  3. Paolo Ayo (#31)
  • Sporting Class
  1. Russell Cabrera (#95)
  2. Maila Alivia (#73)
  3. Alan Palacios (#44)
  • Super Sporting Class
  1. Red Diwa (#81)
  2. Jerard Loy (#99)
  3. Bryan Co (#55)

(Race 6)

  • Promotional Class
  1. Jarond Mesina (#24)
  2. Alain Alzona (#19)
  3. Bong Garbes (#36)
  • Sporting Class
  1. Jiro Garbes (#21)
  2. Russell Cabrera (#95)
  3. Maya Alivia (#73)
  • Super Sporting Class
  1. Joaquin Garrido (#63)
  2. Bryan Co (#55)
  3. Red Diwa (#81)
There’s no champagne here, folks. But that’s not to say our racers can’t improvise to keep the tradition alive. PHOTOS BY HANS BOSSHARD

Here’s to the next leg of the TGR Vios Cup happening this November. Frankly, the next race weekend couldn’t come any sooner.

This branded article was produced in partnership with Toyota Motor Philippines.


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