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This cherry blossom-inspired Brompton is just ‘kawaii’

A limited-edition trifold bicycle made exclusively for Asia

The perfect Brompton for those who love all things pink. PHOTO FROM BROMPTON

Cherry blossom season is approaching, and in time for this, Brompton will be releasing the C Line Explore Cherry Blossom. This special-edition model takes the classic trifold bicycle and paints it two-tone pink, complete with a matching basket and pouch.

There's even a simple narrative behind this limited-edition Brompton. ILLUSTRATIONS FROM AKATSUKI KATOH

Not only is it exclusive to Asia, but the brand collaborated with Japanese artist Akatsuki Katoh, who featured the pink British folding bike in manga-style illustrations, complete with a story and characters.

Scroll through his previous works and you’ll find that bicycles are a pretty common theme. This is no surprise coming from the part-time university lecturer who is also a cycling enthusiast.

The accessories even have floral accents. PHOTO FROM BROMPTON

It’s fascinating how Brompton’s six-speed folding bicycle with 16-inch wheels can look rugged and masculine like the Bear Grylls edition, or cute and charming—just with a change in color scheme and accessories.

If you must get your hands on the C Line Explore Cherry Blossom, your best bet would be to order it from Brompton Singapore for S$3,385 (P141,000).

Leandro Mangubat

Leandro is our staff writer. Although having a background in mechanical engineering, he enjoys photography and writing more.