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MMDA releases motorcycle accident figures in Metro Manila for 2019

Apparently, there was an average of 86 incidents per day last year

Are you a motorcycle rider? You might want to read this. IMAGE FROM PIXABAY

You actually don’t need statistics to know that Metro Manila roads are teeming with reckless and irresponsible motorcycle riders. Because you already see them zooming past (and almost grazing) your car on a daily basis. Unsafe two-wheeled motoring is so prevalent that the perpetrators have come to be known as “kamote riders.” If you’re a foreigner and have no idea what kamote means, you may substitute it with any negative adjective you can think of: ignorant, stupid, dangerous, unfit, even suicidal.

But don’t you wish to also be aware of the exact numbers involved in motorcycle accidents in our beloved megalopolis?

Well, your wish has been granted. Today, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has released the digits pertaining to motorcycle-related crashes in the National Capital Region. According to the agency, there was a total of 31,279 motorcycle accidents last year in Metro Manila—or an average of 86 incidents a day. Check out the numbers below:

It goes without saying that the above figures only include reported cases. We’re pretty sure there were many more mishaps that went undocumented. The takeaway lesson? Be very, very, very careful when driving next to a motorcycle. The statistics don’t look very good for your own safety.

Vernon B. Sarne

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