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BMW Motorrad has unveiled the R1300 GS Adventure

Enhanced utility and versatility for round-the-world adventuring

It'll take a while to get used to the look. PHOTO FROM BMW MOTORRAD

BMW Motorrad has always adhered to a form-follows-function design philosophy with its best-selling GS line. Now, the all-new R1300 GS Adventure (GSA) may test just how desirable it is in the eyes of moneyed buyers.

Right off the bat, the bike’s chunky profile signifies a marked emphasis on utility. The biggest, eye-catching detail is the cubist 30L fuel tank. Made of sheet aluminum, it features fastening elements screwed onto the upper tank panel for easy access to the tank cap and smartphone-charging compartment.

Individual fastening eyelets allow the rider to mount luggage, and there’s an articulated mount with a snap lock for an optional 12L waterproof tank bag.

Eyelets on the tank plus secure compartments give it enhanced utility. PHOTO FROM BMW MOTORRAD

For additional storage, BMW Motorrad has made a new, 37L aluminum top case and panniers with integrated magnetic couplings as electrical interfaces for USB charging sockets and lighting, along with an optional 10L volume extension.

The top case even features damping to reduce vibrations, and is rated to hold up to 8kg. The side cases, on the other hand, hold a total capacity of 73L, with an individual load capacity of 10kg.

The bulk of the tank also provides effective frontal weather protection that, combined with the large windshield and a pair of wind deflectors, creates a turbulence-free pocket of air around the rider.

You can go pretty far with a 30L fuel tank. PHOTO FROM BMW MOTORRAD

What’s more, rubberized tank trays on the left and the right of the upper tank cover provide nonslip, secure storage for utensils during stops.

Naturally, all-LED lighting is standard on the GSA, with the matrix headlamp consisting of one LED unit for high and low beams, plus four additional LED units for the daytime running light and the side light.

The GSA benefits from two extra-flat, auxiliary LED headlamps, which should reduce the need for aftermarket units. Even the turn signal indicators, which are integrated into the hand protectors, are LEDs.

Two LED auxiliary lamps reduce the need to add aftermarket lights. PHOTO FROM BMW MOTORRAD

As with the R1300 GS, the big flat-twin generates 145hp at 7,750rpm, and 149Nm of torque at 6,500rpm.

Newly introduced on the Adventure is the option to spec it with Automated Shift Assistant, which provides fully automatic clutch actuation with your choice of manual or automatic shifter. This will also be available to order on the R1300 GS.

The main frame is made of steel, while the rear subframe is made of aluminum and forged parts. An Evo Telelever front-wheel guide with a flex element and a revised Evo Paralever rear-wheel guide provide exceptional steering precision and stability.

Electronic trickery and fancy suspension should make piloting this behemoth on trails a little bit easier. PHOTO FROM BMW MOTORRAD

Four riding modes are standard: Enduro for enhanced off-road riding, Rain, Road, and Eco, each tailoring throttle response and maximum power output. Keyless ride, heated grips, traction control, and ABS are standard, while active cruise control, front collision warning, lane-change warning, and rear-end collision warning are optional equipment.

Dynamic Suspension Adjustment is upgraded from the 1250 model by not only providing automatic adjustment of front and rear damping, but now also adjusting spring rate depending on the selected riding mode, riding condition, and riding style.

The enhanced load compensation ensures a more stable ride whether you are lightly loaded and solo, or carrying a pillion with plenty of luggage.

Adaptive vehicle height control lowers the bike by 30mm when stationary and at low speeds, while an optional “comfort system” is ideal for smaller riders by lowering the standard height by 20mm.

Dynamic Suspension Adjustment now also adjusts spring rate as well as damping for superior ride and handling stability. PHOTO FROM BMW MOTORRAD

Several variants of the R1300 GS Adventure have been announced, mostly pertaining to color schemes and trim levels. The basic version is solid Racing Red, and then there are the Triple Black, the GS Trophy, and the Option 719 Karakorum.

Pricing and availability for the Philippine market have yet to be announced.

Andy Leuterio

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