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Hogging the leftmost lane isn’t cool

This simple act inconveniences a lot of drivers

You can fill the road with these signs and people will still ignore them. PHOTO FROM MANSKEE NASCIMENTO

We exercise our democratic rights and support political figures hoping that positive change will happen in our country, but so many of us can’t even abide by the simplest rules of the road.

We don’t even practice consideration and driving etiquette, then bitch about how our nation has gone to the dogs.

How hard is it to follow simple instructions? PHOTO FROM MANSKEE NASCIMENTO

Let’s talk about hogging the leftmost lane on expressways. In my opinion, road-infrastructure progress is only as good as how disciplined and considerate motorists are. I spend so much time on expressways and often witness how we can’t seem to grasp the basic idea of how the lanes should be used.

We need to get rid of this behavior. PHOTOS FROM MANSKEE NASCIMENTO

First things first. Let’s consult the Land Transportation Office guidelines on the matter.

Under expressway rules and regulations, it clearly states that Lane 1 (innermost or leftmost lane) or the lane nearest the median barrier shall be used only for overtaking another vehicle at the allowed speed.

Overtaking vehicles, however, don’t have the right-of-way. Cargo trucks, buses, and slow-moving vehicles are not allowed in Lane 1 at all times.

Sometimes the middle lane ends up being faster than the overtaking lane. PHOTOS FROM HANS BOSSHARD AND MANSKEE NASCIMENTO

To add more to this rule, with three-lane roads, Lane 1 is for overtaking cars from Lane 2; Lane 2 is for cars, passenger buses, and freight vehicles under 1.5 tons of cargo; and Lane 3 is for freight vehicles with over 1.5 tons of cargo, special vehicles, and construction equipment.


With regard to four-lane roads, the same rules apply, but small and medium passenger buses are assigned to Lane 2, and large passenger buses have to use Lane 3. Lane 4 is designated for construction equipment and special vehicles.

Our expressways would look like this more often if people actually followed simple rules. PHOTO FROM HANS BOSSHARD

This overlooked (and quite frankly ignored) rule for the leftmost lane is one of the reasons traffic flow on expressways is such a mess at times, especially during peak hours.

Left-lane hogging creates a domino effect, obstructing the efficient flow of traffic way beyond what is commonly perceived. Traffic engineers can expound on this, but we shall not get into such technicalities to avoid confusion. Furthermore, the misuse of the leftmost lane actually leads to vehicular accidents.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse, and hogging the left lane is totally not cool. Let’s stop acting like our time is more important than that of others. Indeed, let’s stop driving however which way we want. There are rules, period.

Manskee Nascimento

Manskee is a music-loving petrolhead who specializes in car care. He finds peace in long drives to and from his home in La Union.