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Watch a Tesla Model S being vaporized by 30kg of dynamite

Finnish owner blows up his EV after the battery pack goes kaput

This Model S needed a new battery. Instead, the owner decided to destroy the car. SCREENSHOT FROM YOUTUBE

What do you do when you buy a used car and it turns out to be a bit of a lemon? Complain to the dealership? Vent your anger on social media? Maybe even write a strongly worded letter to the manufacturer? If your name is Tuomas Katainen and you’re from Finland, then you opt for a slightly more radical solution: Strap 30kg of dynamite to the car, put a doll of Elon Musk behind the wheel, and watch it being blown to kingdom come with your friends.

Now you see it, now you don't. SCREENSHOTS FROM YOUTUBE

When Katainen bought his 2013 Tesla Model S, the first few weeks of ownership were just as he expected, and he happily used the electric sedan to drive around Suomi in the north of Finland where he lives. Sadly, it didn’t take long for things to go south. According to the owner, the EV started to create multiple error codes. Following a trip on the back of a tow truck, a garage gave him some unwelcome news. The only way to fix his electric runabout was to change the entire battery pack at a cost of €20,000 (P1.12 million).

At this point, he had to make a decision: Swallow the bitter pill and get the car fixed, or get rid of it. Lucky for us, he decided to part ways with his Tesla, and to do so in spectacular fashion. He brought the car to an abandoned quarry and got a friend to rig it with enough dynamite to blow the American EV to smithereens. Everything got captured in beautiful HD from multiple angles and in slow motion. As a final touch before the big bang, Katainen and his friends placed an Elon Musk doll behind the wheel, although they called him “Elon Mask” in the video to presumably avoid legal trouble from the Tesla founder.

Poor 'Elon Mask' went along for the short ride. SCREENSHOT FROM YOUTUBE

You can watch the carnage that unfolds in the video here, but what struck us was the fact that the car seemed to have disintegrated completely. The footage shows the EV effectively turning into confetti, and what’s left afterward can be brushed together and carried away in a wheelbarrow. Maybe that’s due to the amount of explosives used, or because of the lightweight aluminum structure that makes up most of the vehicle. Whatever it was, it’s one hell of a way to get rid of your motor.

Watch this Tesla go kaboom

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