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Transporter carrying Toyota Land Cruiser 300s tips over in Oman

Brand-new SUVs will likely be written off

This crushed Land Cruiser 300 is a very sad sight indeed. INSTAGRAM POST BY ALNASSER770

The decision to launch the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 in the Middle East is due to the fact that the vehicle is extremely popular in that region. Proud owners can’t get enough of the SUV, which is capable of mastering anything the desert can throw at it. And while deliveries have already begun right after the unveiling, some customers in Oman will have to wait longer for theirs.

The car transporter carrying the SUVs was found tipped over to one side. INSTAGRAM POST BY ALNASSER770

That’s because a transporter carrying several examples of the iconic SUV met an accident in Salalah, Oman. In this Instagram post by @alnasser770, the rig appears to have been tipped over to one side. Of course, that didn’t go well for the Toyotas being shipped. Some of the vehicles seem to have taken so much damage that they will probably be written off.

There is no way these LC300s can be restored to original condition. INSTAGRAM POSTS BY ALNASSER770

Details about the incident are sparse, with news about it likely limited to Arabic-language websites. The transporter may have been on its way to a dealership. But while Omani buyers may have to be more patient for their vehicles to arrive, at least the Land Cruiser 300 starts at 23,000 Omani rials (P2.94 million)—over a million pesos less expensive than the outgoing Land Cruiser 200 model in the Philippines.

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