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This guy brags about ‘his’ JDM car using a stolen engine photo

Until YouTube content creator Real Ryan exposes him

Some Philippine-based guy claims that this is his car. PHOTO FROM SUPRA FORUMS

Every now and then, we stumble upon something really hilarious on social media. Like this online fracas shared by Real Ryan, a motoring content creator on YouTube. You might recall Ryan recently visiting our office:

Ryan says he finds VISOR to be 'authentic' (ahem). PHOTO BY VERNON B. SARNE

Anyway, last midnight, Ryan posted some screenshots of his latest virtual brawl with a guy who mocked him with these words:

Paninindigan nya paniniwala nya. Ganyan talaga pag mangmang na tao, may facts and articles na hinaharap, ayaw pa maniwala. Kala mo nakahawak na sya ng totoong JDM. HAHAHAHA.

This was followed by this exchange:

Now, we don’t know who the other dude is, but we certainly know who Ryan is. He is legit. We could tell you who he is in real life—his daytime job when he’s not having fun with trolls—but he requests that this info about him be withheld.

And because Ryan is legit, he doesn’t back down from a challenge.

But it looks like we won’t get to the challenging part. That’s because the JDM engine that the guy was bragging about—yes, the same engine pictured above and proudly displayed on JDM dude’s Facebook profile—is…fake. As in he doesn’t own the car, and the engine photo was nicked from the Supra Forums website.

Oh, well. Never ever take Facebook trolls seriously. They’re pathetic and not worth your time. Whether the topic is motoring or politics, you have better use of your bandwidth than wasting it on such individuals. Carry on.

Vernon B. Sarne

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