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You might not get your new car right away due to the chip shortage

The deficiency is making it hard for automakers to meet demand

The tiny microchip is throwing the auto industry into pandemonium. PHOTO FROM INTEL

We recently received a message about a car we had just reviewed. The reader said that he had made a reservation for the same make and model (Isuzu D-Max, if you’re curious to know). However, the dealership told him that it could only deliver the vehicle a few months after, and the buyer wanted to know why. We asked the automaker about this, and the response we got was that the global chip shortage was affecting its ability to acquire stock.

The chip shortage is wreaking havoc on various car factories across the globe. With the ongoing boom in remote working arrangements, semiconductor firms are prioritizing makers of consumer electronics such as laptops and mobile phones. The automotive industry, on the other hand, takes up a relatively small portion of their business.

So, if your sales agent regretfully tells you that it will take a few months for your dream car to arrive, do understand that he or she has no control over this. Dealerships are as eager to get supplies as you are to drive home the vehicle.

NOTE: We originally said that Toyota’s temporary plant closures could also be due to the chip shortage, but an executive connected to Toyota says those closures were COVID-related. We apologize for the confusion.

Miggi Solidum

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