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Toyota to provide mobility for 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics

A total of 3,374 mobility solutions are to be deployed

Toyota is showing off its multi-pathway approach to carbon neutrality at the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic games. IMAGE FROM TOYOTA

The 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games are coming up. As part of Toyota‘s partnership with the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee, the automaker will provide mobility solutions that demonstrate its multi-pathway approach to carbon neutrality.

Toyota will be deploying 3,374 sustainable mobility vehicles, where 2,650 of them are a fully electrified fleet. Attendees and organizers have access to the Kinto Share car-sharing service, making it easier to get to and from the Olympic venue.

A total of 60% of the fleet are battery-electric vehicles, which consist of the bZ4X, the Proace, the Proace Verso, and the Lexus RZ. The Mirai FCEV (fuel-cell electric vehicle) will be part as well, utilizing hydrogen made from renewable sources courtesy of Air Liquide.

Following this, 700 personal/group mobility products will be on the ground to aid with ease of movement as part of the brand’s vision of “Mobility for All.”

This involves 250 seated C+walk S and standing C+walk T personal mobility devices, 150 wheelchair e-pullers for Paralympics participants, 250 zero tailpipe-emission Accessible People Movers, and 150 wheelchair-accessible Proace Versos, which will remain in Paris after the games for wheelchair-bound citizens.

Finally, hydrogen mobility applications will be on display, with 10 FCEV hydrogen vehicles. These are two FCEV buses specifically converted for the games, FCEV trucks, FCEV forklifts, FCEV-powered boats and coaches, and even the hydrogen-powered Hilux Prototype.

Let the inclusive games begin.

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