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Proposed UK law wants EV chargers at new homes and buildings

To make the transition to electric cars much easier for consumers

New UK homes and offices might soon have built-in EV chargers. PHOTO FROM IONITY

There is no denying the benefits that electric vehicles bring. Sure, there are drawbacks to owning and using one. But overall, the advantages somehow outweigh the negatives. One of the most common concerns with EVs though is driving range. Thankfully, the British government might have a solution for this.

According to a Reuters report, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a proposed law that will require new buildings in the United Kingdom to have EV chargers. This covers homes, non-residential buildings, and existing structures that are set to undergo major renovations.

Once passed, the parliament sees 145,000 charge points added annually. The country will ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars by 2030, so this should make the transition to EVs a lot easier for consumers. This law is only one of the many measures the government is looking at to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

It looks like the future of mobility rests on electric power. And it’s nice to see governments initiate measures to promote the use of EVs and help make the shift to such vehicles much easier. With the Philippines being one of the most vulnerable to the ill effects of climate change, don’t you think our government should consider similar initiatives too?

Red Santiago

A jack of all trades, Red is passionate about cars, motorcycles and audio. He sometimes drives for a ride-hailing app company—just because he really loves driving.