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Honda PH has discounts on 5 models this weekend

They’re the BR-V, the City, the Civic, the CR-V and the Mobilio

The sporty Civic RS is included in this sales promo. PHOTO FROM HONDA

It’s a buyer’s market right now as far as brand-new motor vehicles are concerned. In other words, most car distributors have an oversupply of goods, and they’ll do practically anything to dispose of their inventories. This explains the huge price cuts that you’ve been hearing about from industry players (both mass-market and premium ones).

One such player is Honda Cars Philippines, which has just announced a “four-day sale” that began on Valentine’s Day. Which means you only have this weekend (February 16-17) to take advantage of this sales promo.

It’s essentially just special discounts on five models: the BR-V, the City, the Civic, the CR-V and the Mobilio. So if you’re looking at any of these cars, you’re in luck. But again, you only have this weekend to avail of these markdowns.

Here are the specific Honda models and variants being sold at discounted prices under this promo:

Did you see an offer or two worth considering? Well, you know what to do. Any of the Japanese automaker’s 38 dealerships nationwide are ready to welcome you. Have fun shopping.