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Get huge discounts on the Mercedes-Benz V-Class this November

If the usual crop of people movers isn't comfortable enough

Mercedes-Benz has extensive expertise in building luxury vans. PHOTO FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

If you’ve visited the more affluent areas of Metro Manila, you may have noticed a couple of Mercedes-Benz vans in a sea of familiar luxury MPVs. The V-Class is the brand’s entry into that segment, going up against the usual crowd of Toyota Alphards, Kia Carnivals, and Lexus LMs.

Despite being pegged as a luxury MPV, the V-Class still has a lot of practicality in its form factor. It can do anything from shuttling passengers in absolute luxury, to becoming a mobile office with adjustable seats and a folding table, and even carrying all the items needed for a family vacation and then some.

You can see all the different capabilities and best features of the V-Class in action during the “Mercedes-Benz Vans Festival,” which will be held until November 30. Save as much as P700,000 in outright cash discounts, financing subsidies, or freebies like tint, LTO registration, insurance, extended warranty, service vouchers and shipping fees. If you choose the V220 Long, you can have it with the optional Luxury Seats Upgrade valued at P300,000.

These are the V-Class variants included in the promo:

Vito Tourer

  • Discount of P500,000
  • Promo price of P3,490,000

V220 Long

  • Discount of P400,000
  • Promo price of P4,290,000
  • Equipped with Luxury Seats Upgrade worth P300,000

V220 Avantgarde Long (non-MBUX)

  • Discount of P500,000
  • Promo price of P4,390,000

V220 Avantgarde Long – 7-Seater (non-MBUX)

  • Discount of P500,000
  • Promo price of P4,455,000

V220 Avantgarde Long (MBUX)

  • Discount of P300,000
  • Promo price of P4,590,000

V220 Avantgarde Long – 7-Seater (MBUX)

  • Discount of P300,000
  • Promo price of P4,655,000

Curious? You can head to any of the four participating dealerships: Mercedes-Benz Greenhills, Mercedes-Benz Global City, Mercedes-Benz Alabang, and Mercedes-Benz Cebu. You can also check out this link for more details.

Sam Surla

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