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Ford PH issues statement on Alex Calleja blunder

It was all unintentional, says the American automaker

This recall notice was mistakenly sent to the wrong recipient. We wonder how. INSTAGRAM POST BY ALEX CALLEJA

You might want to read this if you’re following stand-up comedian Alex Calleja’s funny episode with Ford Philippines. As we reported the other day, Calleja received a safety recall notice from the local subsidiary of the American automaker for an airbag defect in the Ranger/Everest. Except he doesn’t own either a Ranger or an Everest.

Some people were suspicious that all of this was simply a marketing gimmick between Calleja and Ford—or even that the notice was merely a scam—but the former has said on social media that the incident is real and 100% organic. And while the humorist seems to just be joking about the whole thing, others are raising a potentially alarming angle to the fiasco: data security breach.

So we contacted Ford to get the company’s statement. EJ Francisco, the firm’s spokesperson, has now sent us this (in italics):

We immediately reached out to Mr. Alex Calleja upon seeing his Facebook post last September 2, 2019. After checking our records, we can confirm that the safety recall letter was not intended for Mr. Calleja. His personal data could have been sourced from a promotional activity, and [he] was erroneously tagged as a Ford customer. We have rectified the error, and we commit to ensuring the integrity of our customer database and data-gathering processes.

So there. It now remains to be seen if the mistaken recipient of the safety recall notice will be satisfied with Ford’s explanation. Your thoughts?

Vernon B. Sarne

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