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You will soon be able to compete in Dakar Rally

Well, at least in the virtual video-game world

The realism of this video game is simply too incredible for words. SCREENSHOT FROM BIGMOON ENTERTAINMENT

Among the most famous motorsport events of the world, the Dakar Rally truly holds a special place in the hearts and minds of car enthusiasts everywhere. Run since 1978 and previously known as the Paris-Dakar Rally, this brutal and demanding off-road endurance event sees amateur and professional competitors race each other using motorbikes, quads, cars and even trucks. Treacherous terrain and stages that are up to 900km long make any other rally look like a children’s birthday party compared to the Dakar, and now a new game called Dakar 18 is promising to bring the excitement of this unique event to your PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Satisfy your need for extreme speed without the obvious dangers attached to it. SCREENSHOTS FROM BIGMOON ENTERTAINMENT

While the game’s developer, Bigmoon Entertainment, has not yet released full details of what exactly to expect, it is known that players will be able to freely roam around a 15,000sq-km in-game world offline and online in either single or multiplayer mode. Other features are said to include a realistic navigation system, photorealistic graphics, as well as rescue and repair functions for those moments when you run out of talent. The official trailer for the game certainly looks promising.

The launch date has only been given as 2018, meaning we will have to wait until the developer—which has been involved with the WRC and MotoGP franchises in the past—releases more details. Once the game does launch, players can look forward to racing motorbikes from brands like KTM, Honda, Yamaha and Husqvarna; cars from Peugeot, Mini, Toyota, Renault and Mitsubishi; and trucks from manufacturers like Kamaz, Tatra and MAN across the desert and toward victory.

Can’t wait, can you?

Frank Schuengel

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