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The Ford F-150 Raptor receives the Lego treatment

This Technic set has 1,379 pieces

The Lego F-150 Raptor can crawl through your kid's messy bedroom. PHOTO FROM LEGO

Have you ever dreamt of buying yourself a Ford F-150 Raptor? We don’t have it locally. Fret not, though, as one of the latest releases in Lego’s lineup features the badass Baja truck in brick form.

Being a Technic playset, this 1,379-piece model is quite understandably aimed at adults. If your kids want in on the Lego assembly experience, maybe you can get them one of the easier-to-build Speed Champions sets so you can spend your Sunday afternoon putting together this F-150 Raptor in peace.

This Technic playset has a functional suspension system. PHOTOS FROM LEGO

In the end, you’ll be rewarded with the number of details this model has to offer. It features a detailed interior, a working suspension system, an opening hood and truck bed, and (the best part) a V6 engine with moving pistons. Sure, the toy is dwarfed by the real-life truck, but at least you’ll be able to proudly display it on your shelf.

If you already have the Lego Jeep Wrangler, this set should be next on your list. PHOTO FROM LEGO

The Lego Technic Ford F-150 Raptor is currently up for preorder on Lego’s US online store for $99.99 (P5,000). Deliveries will start on October 1.

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