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TAG Heuer teams up with Nintendo for limited-edition ‘Mario Kart’ watches

Mamma mia! You’ll definitely want these if you’re a fan of the Italian plumber

Probably the most expensive gamer memorabillia that we have ever seen. PHOTO FROM TAG HEUER

What would happen if a legendary Swiss watchmaker (TAG Heuer) collaborates with one of the oldest gaming companies in the world (Nintendo)? Well, you get a series of limited-edition watches that will make some of the wealthiest gamers in the world reach out for their checkbooks, that’s what.

Meet the TAG Heuer x Mario Kart Limited-Edition Chronograph and Chronograph Tourbillon, which are a pair of watches decked out in details that directly reference the famed arcade racer of the same title.

The chronograph is for the discreet yet discerning 'Mario Kart' fan. PHOTO FROM TAG HEUER

First, we’ll start with the more affordable of the two, the Chronograph. By affordable, we mean that it costs a cool $4,300 (P250,000), and is limited to 3,000 pieces. This is a traditional chronograph that uses a 44mm stainless-steel case that is water-resistant up to 200m. Underneath the sapphire crystal ticks a Calibre 16 automatic movement that should be good for 42 hours of power reserve, and is certified for chronometer accuracy and reliability.

You wouldn't want to change the strap on this timepiece. PHOTO FROM TAG HEUER

Onto the cool stuff. First and obviously, you will notice the Mario Kart engraving on the ceramic bezel, and the signed crown that features Mario’s “M” (filled out in red, a color that is par for the course for racing-inspired watches).

The dial features a fine checkered-flag design that is finely engraved, and you’ll see the plumber on his kart on one of the subdials. One of the more playful aspects of this watch is the date window, where it will occasionally show power-ups from the game, like Super Star, Bullet Bill, banana, and more.

Finally, the rear caseback has the Mario Kart logo engraved, and the leather band has the texture of a Koopa shell, with the Mario “M” logo engraved in the steel clasp.

This is a whole lot more 'in-your-face', but also a whole lot more expensive. PHOTO FROM TAG HEUER

Meanwhile, the Chronograph Tourbillon will cost you an eye-watering $25,600 (P1.485 million) and is limited to 250 examples, but you’ll soon figure out why this is of better value for watch collectors.

It has a larger 45mm case made out of titanium, and is powered by an in-house movement that utilizes a tourbillon (if that wasn’t already obvious). It features similar design touches as the first watch, like the game’s title engraved in the bezel, the signed “M” crown, and the Koopa-inspired leather strap.

It's quite affordable when compared to other tourbillon-equipped timepieces. PHOTO FROM TAG HEUER

All of the fine details are found on the face, which features a louder, skeletonized dial with more pronounced red accents that give depth. But you’ll be wanting to spend most of your time looking at the little window at the bottom, which has the tourbillon’s balance wheel with Mario, Bullet Bill, and the famed Blue Shell chasing each other as the wheel spins.

The see-through caseback also exhibits the movement, with a rotor featuring Luigi, Mario, and Peach on their respective vehicles.

The packaging is adorned with Mario-related iconography and designs. PHOTO FROM TAG HEUER

Unfortunately, both of these timepieces are sold out online, which means that you will have to go visit a physical boutique to hopefully get one of your own. Considering that the holidays are near and travel is opening up, we’re sure that those who can afford these watches wouldn’t mind spending a little more on a trip overseas to snag one.

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