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This Tesla Cybertruck has been turned into a police car

It can drop jaws and catch baddies at the same time

This is one way to scare the living daylights out of bad guys. PHOTO FROM UP.FIT

While the Tesla Cybertruck continues to elicit polarizing opinions from those who’ve had the chance to see one, it is steadily becoming a common sight in the US. There really must be something that makes this truck worth emptying one’s bank account for. And now, there are even people who think that it can be used to serve and protect the public that loves (or loathes) it.

Even supercars will have a hard time dealing with a Cybertruck pursuit vehicle. PHOTOS FROM UP.FIT

UP.FIT is a subsidiary of Tesla tuner Unplugged Performance. It specializes in transforming the popular EV brand’s portfolio into law-enforcement vehicles. The firm has recently unveiled what is apparently the world’s first Cybertruck police car. As expected, it has the usual slew of upgrades such as lightbars, sirens, a public-address system, and other equipment needed for police work.

UP.FIT says that the Cybertruck platform is flexible enough for various law-enforcement roles. PHOTOS FROM UP.FIT

The company says that it can also equip the Cybertruck with cabin partitions for detainees and K-9 units, and extra storage for weapons and tools. Unplugged Performance’s expertise can also come in handy in the form of optional packages that improve the vehicle’s performance and durability. It claims the platform can be adapted to a variety of fleet applications and first-responder roles.

Will electric police cars be as commonplace as the legendary Ford Crown Victoria once was? PHOTO FROM UP.FIT

Flashing lights and a police livery will certainly increase the Cybertruck’s already high shock value, and its performance is nothing to scoff at. The base model can sprint to 60mph (97km/h) in 2.6 seconds—more than a match for a bunch of thugs in a stolen Honda Accord. Deliveries are scheduled to begin later this year, and interested parties can send their inquiries here.

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