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The ultimate sports car for the cool family guy

We're drooling over the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe

Want to fetch the kids from school with this? PHOTO FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

One of the biggest down points of the Mercedes-AMG GT coupe is the fact that it only has two seats. That means its main purpose is being a second car, a weekend toy designed for track days and expressway sprints, with just enough trunk space for your toothbrush and a credit card. But what if there was a bigger version, one with four doors and enough room for the school run? One where the whole family can experience the thrill of going sideways around corners? Someone at Mercedes-Benz must have thought about exactly those questions, and the result is the new Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe that has just been unveiled to the world.

'Hon, I promise this is not a sports car. Can't you see it has four proper doors?' PHOTOS FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

Available in GT53, GT63 and GT63 S versions, the latest interpretation of the coupes-can-have-four-doors argument from Stuttgart comes packed with features and power figures that are sure to inject some serious excitement into the daily commute. The GT53 entry model—if you want to call it that—sports the same 3.0-liter six-cylinder hybrid setup we have already seen in the other AMG 53-series cars, with 435hp and 520Nm from the petrol engine being supported by an additional 22hp and 250Nm from the EQ Boost system. That power is channeled onto the tarmac via the 4Matic+ all-wheel drive system, resulting in a 0-100km/h time of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 285km/h.

See that ginormous disc brake? That means your kids are safe inside this car. PHOTOS FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

If some more oomph is needed, then the GT63 4Matic+ can help with its 4.0-liter V8 biturbo that produces 585hp and 800Nm, figures big enough to catapult the car from zero to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds and up to 310km/h. Should that still not be enough steam for your style of cooking, then the GT63 S 4Matic+ can add some more spice with 639hp and 900Nm, enough to go from a standstill to 100km/h in 3.2 seconds and on to 315km/h.

A maximum 1,324L of cargo space at the back. PHOTOS FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

Both the 53 and 63 models use nine-speed gearboxes, while the bigger V8s get to use a specially tuned version of the AMG SpeedShift box that uses a wet clutch and promises an “emotive gear-shifting experience,” which we assume means that the driver will smile with excitement when changing gears around the track, while his passengers hold on for dear life. To make sure the new four-door GT stays intact, AMG went all out and fitted a whole range of traction- and suspension-related elements, starting with the 4Matic+ all-wheel drive system that uses an electro-mechanically controlled clutch to connect the permanently driven rear axle variably to the front one. This means the car shifts from being RWD to AWD (and back) if and when needed—for example, when the driver activates the Drift mode to enjoy some sideways action.

Anytime you have those three letters under the hood, you know the engine is special. PHOTO FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

The 63 S version even comes with an electronically controlled locking differential at the rear axle as standard, while all models also have active rear-wheel steering fitted—a system that results in easier maneuverability and a smaller turning circle at low speeds, while improving stability once the pace picks up. Combine this with the electromechanical speed-sensitive power steering, an active air control system for optimum downforce, and a high-performance braking system that uses compound discs with six-piston fixed calipers at the front and single-piston floating brake calipers at the rear, and you can see how the engineers at AMG threw everything but the kitchen sink at this car in an effort to make it the fastest family funbox around.

The steering wheel is more advanced (and better-looking) than your iPhone X. PHOTOS FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

Inside, the car wraps its passengers in the usual mix of luxury and sportiness that AMGs have been known for, with buyers being able to either choose a four- or five-seat configuration, while folding rear seats mean that the 395L boot space can be expanded to 1,324L if needed. The widescreen cockpit that comes as standard in the V8 versions features two 12.3-inch high-resolution displays that can be configured in all manner of ways to show everything right down to engine data. A feature called AMG Track Pace even lets you record and analyze over 80 different parameters that can then be displayed on one of the screens in real time, letting drivers see where they lost time on the track or even what angle the car was drifting at.

Utilizing the seatbelts as yellow accents is a nice touch. So are the bucket seats. PHOTOS FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

AMG obviously has a good sense for the type of cars that its customer base wants, and the stylish-looking GT 4-Door Coupe will no doubt tick the boxes for people who like to have a sports car but also need space for the family.

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