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The Rodin FZero is a crazy, super-fast, real-life Batmobile

A track machine designed to be faster than a modern F1 car

The Rodin FZero looks like it came straight out of a comic book. PHOTO FROM RODIN CARS

Did you ever dream of feeling like Batman while racing around a circuit faster than a Formula 1 driver? Yes? Then step right this way, as New Zealand-based Rodin Cars has something that can tick both of those boxes for you.

Meet the Rodin FZero, a track-only hardcore hypercar designed to function outside of the limitations of motorsport regulations. This is the ultimate when-engineers-are-allowed-to-go-nuts machine, the brainchild of businessman David Dicker, who created it with the simple aim of building a car that’s quicker than a current F1 machine.

There won't be any space for Batman's cowl with the tight cockpit. PHOTO FROM RODIN CARS

Far from just cobbling together various bits and pieces in a shed, Dicker and his team went to great lengths when it came to making the FZero a reality. The powertrain consists of an in-house 4.0-liter twin-turbo V10 capable of churning out 1,000hp that is combined with a 174hp electric unit.

Dicker chose the V10 layout as he believes it offers the best of all worlds when it comes to size, balance, weight, and performance. Power is transferred through an eight-speed sequential titanium gearbox that was developed together with specialist firm Ricardo.

The Rodin FZero is powered by a hybrid V10 engine. PHOTO FROM RODIN CARS

Chuck this hybrid powertrain into the lightweight frame of the FZero, and the car should be good for a top speed of 360km/h with neck-snapping acceleration figures, as well as face-deforming g-forces through the corners.

Built almost entirely from carbon-composite materials, the vehicle stands a hefty 5,500mm long and 2,260mm wide, while the truly Batmobile-like aero package can slam it into the tarmac with up to 4,000kg of downforce. The suspension includes hydraulic ride-height adjusters to cope with all the downforce and four-way adjustable dampers.

You'd probably have to be as rich as Bruce Wayne to own a car like this. PHOTO FROM RODIN CARS

The FZero also incorporates some Lotus DNA as Rodin Cars bought the Lotus T125 program and developed it further, but this machine aims to be even more extreme than the open-cockpit F1 car lookalike.

A new video showing the prototype on the track for the first time gives a good idea of what an outlandish creation this really is, and we wish more people would build crazy-looking machines like this. Track days sure would be a lot more fun.

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