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The Honda Civic turns 50 years old

It’s easy to see why this nameplate is still beloved around the world

History was made on July 12, 1972, with the line-off ceremony of the Honda Civic. PHOTO FROM HONDA

The fuel crisis in the 1970s led to a shift in the automotive industry toward smaller vehicles with more efficient engines, and this set the stage for one of the most popular cars to come out of Japan, the Honda Civic.

The Civic was designed as a 'car created for citizens and cities.' PHOTO FROM HONDA

Not long after its debut, this hatchback earned recognition winning the first of three consecutive Motor Fan magazine’s “Car of the Year” awards. Aside from its size, the Civic was also the first automobile to meet the requirements of the 1970 US Clean Air Act.

Fifty years later, Honda’s iconic model is still alive and well as it carries its unique characteristics such as “exceptional handling, impressive fuel efficiency, and that sleek, confident look.” Now in its 11th generation, the Civic makes use of Honda Sensing technologies for better user experience.

To celebrate its 50th birthday, Honda Cars Philippines made a short video showcasing the different Civics around the world, including those that are Filipino-owned. PHOTO FROM HONDA

In spite of its evolution over 50 years, the Civic has always had “that VTEC goodness and strong reliability,” making it an emblem of Honda’s “Power of Dreams.” This makes it a favorite among the extensive aftermarket crowd and motorsport teams.

The iconic red badge lives on with the upcoming Civic Type R. PHOTO FROM HONDA

Just in time for the model’s 50th birthday, Honda has also just announced the launch date of the upcoming Civic Type R. The global premiere will be on July 21 at 10am (Philippine time) via Honda’s YouTube channel.

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