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The Ford Ranger Raptor X is not a faster Ranger Raptor

It is only an appearance kit for the Australian market

Is the Ranger Raptor X a better, more capable Ranger Raptor? Nope. PHOTO FROM FORD

For some people, the Ford Ranger Raptor is a truck that can practically do everything. With its biturbo engine, Fox dampers, and off-road tires, it can be said that there is practically nothing left to improve on the Raptor’s formula. But the folks at Ford Australia felt that they could still add some tweaks to its Baja truck, and the result is the Ranger Raptor X.

Just a few repainted bits that will likely get scuffed. PHOTOS FROM FORD

It would be quite understandable if the Ranger Raptor X’s improvements consisted of performance-related items. A lift kit, bigger tires, or maybe a V8 or an EcoBoost V6 under the hood. But no. The changes seem to be purely aesthetic, and the fact that Ford didn’t even bother mentioning anything that customers can expect underneath the body possibly means that the Raptor’s mechanical guts remain stock.

Some of the mods are useful though, like the bucket seats. PHOTOS FROM FORD

If the Raptor X’s racing stripes look very familiar, that’s because they look similar to those on the Ranger Tremor specific to the North American market. There are also color-matched tow hooks, a longer sports bar, bucket seats, and matte-black alloy wheels. It’s not a bad-looking truck, but any Raptor owner can simply go to the nearest accessory shop and essentially buy the same mods.

So, yeah. Just save some money by buying the standard Raptor. PHOTO FROM FORD

We feel that the Raptor X treatment is quite unnecessary and might even put off buyers wanting something with a clean look—also known as a standard Ranger Raptor. But we don’t know much about what the Australian market wants, so it is highly likely that there is some demand to warrant the creation of such a variant (which will be launched in July). Would you go for this version if Ford were to release it here?

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