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The AMG PureSpeed is one crazy (and super-limited) Mercedes roadster

It even comes with an F1-style halo

The Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed is one of the very first of the brand's ultra-limited Mythos series. PHOTO FROM MERCEDES-AMG

There was a time when Mercedes-Benz and BMW ruled the German premium market between themselves, and did so by one very simple rule: If you were below the age of 50 and considered yourself to be the sportier business type, then you drove a BMW. If, on the other hand, you were past the half-century and more of a chairman-of-the-board type of guy looking for a comfortable ride, then only a Mercedes would do.

The cars from Stuttgart were beautiful, but a little boring. Then AMG came along and decided it didn’t like the old rulebook anymore. Gradually, Chedengs became sportier and more extreme. Now, it feels like we have reached another peak of AMG silliness with the Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed, a radical two-seater that comes complete with Formula 1-style halo device.

Only 250 units of this crazy roadster will be made. PHOTOS FROM MERCEDES-AMG

The brand is a little late to the two-seater-with-no-roof-or-windscreen party, but clearly didn’t want to be outdone by Ferrari, McLaren, and Aston Martin.

Based on the current-model SL, this concept version gives fans of the brand a glimpse at a new Mythos series that will see ultra-limited special models being created and sold to the brand’s most loyal customers and collectors. The PureSpeed will make the start and a production run of 250, which will soon commence.

We have no idea what's underneath, but it's bound to be fast. PHOTOS FROM MERCEDES-AMG

Nothing is known yet about its powerplant (likely substantial) or price tag (definitely eye-watering), but Mercedes tells us that this open-top missile is meant as a homage to its famous race cars from days gone by.

Unveiled at the ongoing Monaco F1 GP weekend, its lines are supposed to remind us of cars like the 300 SLR that won the 1955 Mille Miglia with Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson in control, and its paint job was inspired by that of the 1924 Targa Florio-winning Mercedes 2.0-liter racer.

Yes, that is an F1-style halo device, in case you decide to flip your ultra-expensive car over. PHOTOS FROM MERCEDES-AMG

The concept car even carries the number 10 on its front wings, the same number that adorned the race-winning machine in Sicily 100 years ago.

There’s plenty of carbon fiber in the aero bits and parts like the cladding on the front and rear wheel covers, but the most noticeable feature is, without a doubt, the halo.

Replacing the A-pillars and designed to protect the occupant in case of a rollover or debris impact, this part of the car was taken straight out of the Formula 1 playbook. The roadster even comes with two specially designed helmets for passengers to wear.

We hope to see this driven hard by one of the lucky customers. PHOTOS FROM MERCEDES-AMG

Unlike the famous cars that inspired it, the 250 production units of the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed will likely never be raced in anger. As part of the firm’s new Mythos series, they will probably spend their time parked in private collections to ensure their value is protected.

Which is a shame, of course, as this looks like a car designed and meant to be driven hard. Maybe some of the lucky sods who will get one also share that opinion, and will drive theirs in the spirit of Stirling Moss and Christian Werner. One can but hope.

Frank Schuengel

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