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Mercedes-AMG paints it black with the W14

Will the Silver Arrows go back to race-winning form?

Are you glad the black Mercedes is back? PHOTO FROM MERCEDES-AMG

Mercedes-AMG painted its car black in 2020 to speak out against racism after the murder of George Floyd. And this livery continued going into 2021.

When the new regulations came last year, the team donned the usual silver paint. Now, the team has gone back to black with naked carbon fiber for the W14—supposedly to cut down on weight.

Green for George, yellow for Lewis. PHOTOS FROM MERCEDES-AMG

Last season wasn’t good for the Silver Arrows. The team struggled greatly with porpoising, while Ferrari and Red Bull were racking up race wins early in the season. However, the team was able to turn things around toward the end with its car development.

The consistent efforts of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell scored them multiple podiums with the latter even winning the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix. By the end of the season, the constructor was only in third place, but it was much closer to Ferrari than Ferrari was to Red Bull.

Lewis and George now have Mick for company as reserve driver. PHOTO FROM MERCEDES-AMG

Now that Mercedes-AMG has learned from its mistakes, is it back on track to being a race-winning team?

Leandro Mangubat

Leandro is our staff writer. Although having a background in mechanical engineering, he enjoys photography and writing more.