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Honda is producing the adorable Urban EV

It’s all-electric and small enough to fit anywhere

It's retro, it's modern, it's electric, it's cute. We want. PHOTO FROM HONDA

At the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, Honda revealed its idea of an electric city car, called the Urban EV Concept. The vehicle was very well received by the public at the time, with many fans of the brand taking a liking to the cute and retro-inspired exterior design. Fast-forward a few months and this electric runabout is getting ready to go places in the real world.

Will the doors open like this on the production car? PHOTO FROM HONDA

Philip Ross, senior vice president of Honda Motor Europe, confirmed during the company’s press conference at the Geneva Motor Show that a production version of the Urban EV will be introduced in Europe in 2019, with other markets like Japan following in 2020. Preorders can be placed from early next year, and Honda is already working on the electric platform that will form the basis of the production version.

This car looks smashing in white. What's your color? PHOTO FROM HONDA

While no technical details have been released yet, it does appear as if the Japanese carmaker will indeed keep most of the styling of the concept intact, with the only changes being those required for series production and road regulations in countries where it will be sold. This will be Honda’s first fully electric model in Europe, and the decision to build it was based on the positive feedback the company received after the car was unveiled.

Clean lines should make this design an instant classic. PHOTO FROM HONDA

The Urban EV is sure to be a hit with city dwellers, who will likely embrace the charming design that includes throwback elements from the ’60s to the ’90s, making this car a perfect rival for the BMW i3 or even the new electric Mini that is due to come out at around the same time. So dear Honda, pretty please, can we have the Urban EV in the Philippines?

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