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Diesel-powered Ford F-150 to arrive on November 26

It will be based on the 14th-generation model

Are you considering the diesel-powered F-150? PHOTO FROM FORD

The running joke around social media right now is that gasoline stations are some of the most expensive places you can bring your date to. And owners of the Ford F-150 might be feeling the strain, since the turbocharged V6 engine isn’t really the most economical. But if you really need a large truck that’s not as thirsty, the wait is almost over.

That’s because Ford Philippines will be launching the diesel-powered F-150 on November 26. This will be equipped with a 3.0-liter Power Stroke engine with 250hp and 597Nm. It isn’t exactly frugal as well, but it should go further on a tank than its gasoline-powered brethren. In addition, this will be based on the newer 14th-generation version of the veteran nameplate.

Ford hasn’t revealed any specs apart from the vehicle being sold in the Lariat trim level, so it should look more or less like the truck the photo above. Because of the newer platform and the diesel engine, we do expect it to have a higher sticker price than the outgoing model.

Miggi Solidum

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