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Bugatti says goodbye to the Chiron with the L’Ultime

The 500th and final hypercar to be built

This is the final hurrah for the legendary Bugatti Chiron. PHOTO FROM BUGATTI

Bugatti vehicles may carry exorbitant price tags, but the firm has still managed to sell quite a few of these ultra-expensive machines. In the case of the $3,000,000 (P175,000,000) Chiron, that sales number stands at 500 now.

It probably could have sold more, but the firm is calling it quits with the 500th and last Chiron to ever leave the factory, and they made it a special one. Meet the L’Ultima, the final farewell to a very special car.

This Chiron Super Sport is extra special when you look at it up close. PHOTOS FROM BUGATTI

I’d like to argue that the world needs cars like the Bugatti Chiron, even if very few people can actually afford to buy them. Machines like it prove what automotive engineering is capable of, and also do wonders for the interior decor of kids’ bedrooms around the globe.

The world would be a bleaker place without supercars that push the boundaries of what’s possible, and Bugatti was certainly pushing things with this speed machine.

The first production car to have 1,500hp and break the 300mph (482km/h) barrier, the Chiron is nuts in many, mostly really good ways. Bugatti now says goodbye to it with this very last Chiron Super Sport.

All of these hand-painted locations are connected to the Chiron in one way or another. PHOTOS FROM BUGATTI

Finished in a two-tone paint job featuring French Racing Blue and Atlantic Blue, the exterior of the car is also adorned by the names of places that played a part in the journey of this extraordinary automobile.

Fans of the brand will recognize many of the place names.

Theres Molsheim, where Bugatti is based and the cars are being assembled. Geneva, where it was first launched at the car show. Ehra-Lessien, the famous high-speed test track, and even Cape Canaveral, where apparently some owners also went pedal to the metal and Vmaxed their Chirons.

The interior is a subtle affair compared to the outside. PHOTOS FROM BUGATTI

Brands like Bugatti partially live off their history, and the hypercar maker is making sure its achievements will be remembered in years to come and long after the Chiron has been replaced by whatever comes next.

To make sure the lucky owner of this particular car never forgets its importance, the number 500has been hand-painted on the exterior, the wheel caps, and the rear wing. It has also been engraved onto the engine cover housing of the legendary W16 beast that lives behind the passenger cabin.

We're excited for what's to come from Bugatti next. PHOTO FROM BUGATTI

The latter has been finished in a combination of blue leather and carbon fiber, with ‘L’Ultime’ written on various bits of the interior to remind everyone that this is the last and ultimate Chiron to ever be assembled.

As usual with special models from Bugatti, there’s no word on price, but assuming you can even get your hands on this last one, expect it to be more than a standard one.

Frank Schuengel

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