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The Octa is a Land Rover Defender on steroids

Featuring the most powerful engine fitted to the model

The Defender Octa is built to play hard. PHOTO FROM LAND ROVER

The current Land Rover Defender continues to be a sore subject for some of the brand’s faithful. The presence of high-tech toys like hybrid powertrains and electronic driver aids have led some to believe that the model has gone soft. To prove that the platform is still capable of working and playing hard, the automaker had a little bit of fun and created the Octa.

The Defender Octa benefits from higher ground clearance and a wider track. PHOTOS FROM LAND ROVER

Making the Octa tick is the most powerful engine ever fitted to a production Defender. The mild-hybrid twin-turbo V8 has 626hp and 750Nm, which is good for a 100km/h sprint time of just four seconds. This is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission with a two-speed transfer case—a necessity when plowing through mud and rocks.

The diamond badge is unique to this Defender variant. PHOTOS FROM LAND ROVER

The Octa sits 28mm higher and 68mm wider than a standard Defender. Redesigned skid plates give it better approach and departure angles, while exposed tow hooks make recovery less of a hassle. Land Rover claims that more than 13,960 additional tests were performed during the Octa’s evaluation phase to ensure that it can indeed handle anything.

Making good use of the bespoke 33-inch Goodyear all-terrain tires is the 6D Dynamics system. This controls the vehicle’s adaptive dampers to reduce roll and increase wheel articulation. On top of the already extensive selection of terrain settings is the Octa mode, which sets up the Defender for high-speed driving on loose surfaces.

The Octa gets bespoke 33-inch Goodyear all-terrain tires. PHOTO FROM LAND ROVER

The Defender Octa comes with a unique diamond emblem that is said to be inspired by the octahedral shape of diamonds. Inside, the front row has the so-called Body and Soul seats. These allow occupants to feel the music being played while getting pampered by any one of the various wellness modes.

The front seats can play music and massage occupants at the same time. PHOTOS FROM LAND ROVER

Land Rover’s rowdiest Defender will be making its public debut at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. Those lucky enough to find £145,300 (P10.86 million) underneath their sofa will be able to buy the Edition One—a special trim level available within the Octa’s first year of production.

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