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The E-Racer Bestial-e is an electric beast

Manufacturer says that it is styled after the Ducati Monster

The E-Racer Bestial-e has a full electric classic custom bodywork produced completely in Italy. PHOTO FROM ZERO MOTORCYCLES

For the longest time, electric vehicles have been seen as boring. And with other perceived weaknesses such as range limitations and battery-life issues, most people understandably shy away from buying these vehicles. But EVs have come a long way, especially the two-wheel kind, and electric-motorbike maker E-Racer Motorcycle has been dedicated to changing the way you see them.

The Italian manufacturer has been making electric motorcycles that not only look good but also perform well. The Bestial-e is their latest addition to their lineup and it is a restyled version of a Zero Motorcycles’ SR/F model. The hypersport cafe racer special improves on what is already a good motorbike, reworking three areas: the headlight, side tank, and back tail.

The bike has a combined design of classic and modern looks. PHOTO FROM ZERO MOTORCYCLES

The multi-element LED headlamp is now enclosed in circular housing, reminiscent of older motorcycle models. The new side tank exposes the chassis, giving it a sportier look. Finally, the carbon-fiber tail is sharper, which makes the bike look more aggressive from the back.

No details have been shared about the power unit. But since it is based on the Zero SR/F, it might share the ZF75-10 electric motor that produces 110hp and 190Nm of twist. This has a top speed of 204km/h while the battery pack has an impressive 365km range. The Cypher III+ operating system allows for software updates and enables its owners to customize their riding experience. It also gives turn-by-turn navigation and can activate Parking Mode, so you can back up into any slot with ease.

A closer look at the full carbon fiber back tail of the Bestial-e. PHOTO FROM ZERO MOTORCYCLES

This machine is rather safe, too. It has the Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control that helps in taming the powerful bike, plus the E-Racer Audio-Forceback System (E-RAF) that produces noises that can warn pedestrians and other road users of the presence of the vehicle. Additionally, the bike’s system makes vibrations according to its speed, allowing the rider to better feel and appreciate its performance.

Electric vehicles have indeed come a long way from being simple and environmentally-inclined modes of mobility. And the beast that is the E-Racer Bestial-e proves it.

Red Santiago

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