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What are the secrets to Aguila Auto Glass’s success?

There’s a reason why the brand continues to thrive for more than seven decades

How can one company remain on top for seven decades? PHOTO FROM AGUILA AUTO GLASS

For over 71 years, when it comes to automotive glass products, Aguila Auto Glass has remained on top of Filipinos’ minds. This is an enviable feat, especially in a cutthroat industry. Anybody who owns a business knows that running one is hard enough. And keeping your brand at the top is even more challenging. But what makes Aguila Auto Glass click and what has been its secret—not just for longevity but continuous leadership?

When Atty. Lauro and Maring Aguila put up their first store in 1952, the couple had a vision. A vision that it shares with many other businesses—to ensure customer satisfaction. But the difference with the Aguilas is that they took concrete steps and made sure the vision become a reality. Walking the talk, as they say.

Every product is certified safe by the DTI and the ICC. IMAGE FROM AGUILA AUTO GLASS

Aguila Auto Glass has made sure to only sell DTI- and ICC-certified products to its clients. This guarantees that all of the car glass products it carries are certified as reliable and safe for its customers’ use. Over the years, it worked hard to have the most extensive catalog of auto glass products, ensuring there is one available whatever a vehicle’s make or model is.

With 26 branches across Metro Manila and Luzon, Aguila Auto Glass gives more and more Filipinos access to replacement car glass products. PHOTOS FROM AGUILA AUTO GLASS

The company also tries reaching out to as many Filipinos as possible. Right now, it has 26 branches not just in Metro Manila, but all over Luzon. It also employs the most skilled workers in the industry. But that didn’t happen by just scouting talents. The Aguilas made sure that the employees were well taken care of and underwent extensive training.

Treating employees as it would its customers. That’s one secret to Aguila Auto Glass’s success. PHOTOS FROM AGUILA AUTO GLASS

In fact, on the company’s 71st anniversary, all of its more than 200 employees were sent to a team-building activity. Here, the workers were further empowered with the proper knowledge, which helped them understand better the value of friendship and teamwork. This has kept Aguila Auto Glass number one for more than seven decades, enabling it to weather the many challenges that it has had to deal with.

Keeping a company number one for more than 70 years is such a feat. IMAGE FROM AGUILA AUTO GLASS

With this vision, the actual products, and the workers, Aguila Auto Glass continues to be the leader when it comes to replacement car glass. And we don’t see why it won’t continue to do so for many more years.

Red Santiago

A jack of all trades, Red is passionate about cars, motorcycles and audio. He sometimes drives for a ride-hailing app company—just because he really loves driving.