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Hyundai helps modernize PUVs in Sorsogon

The province will have new modern PUVs courtesy of the Korean automaker

Residents of Sorsogon will be able to enjoy all the benefits that these modern PUVs bring. PHOTO FROM HYUNDAI

Public utility vehicles are deeply ingrained in our culture and society, with the humble jeepney being the most popular example in the Philippines. Admittedly, these vehicles are very long in the tooth, having been based on the leftover Willys Jeeps from World War II.

There have been several efforts to modernize these around the country, especially with the Department of Transportation’s “Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program.” Since the program’s inception, Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (the official distributor of Hyundai commercial vehicles) has been a staunch supporter of the program.

Commuting in Metro Manila would be nicer with more of these replacing our older PUVs. PHOTO FROM HYUNDAI

Through Hyundai Trucks and Buses Alabang (HTB Alabang), the automaker has turned over 15 units of its Class 3 HD50S modern PUVs to the Bulusan Transport Service Cooperative in Sorsogon to help spur the modernization of its public utility vehicles.

These PUVs were shown off at a send-off program at the Sorsogon Integrated Terminal Exchange before embarking on a motorcade to Bulusan Terminal where the formal turnover took place. You’ll see these new PUVs service the coastal towns of Bulusan, Barcelona, Gubat, and Sorsogon City.

The Bulusan Transport Service Cooperative is the fourth transport cooperative beneficiary of the PUV Modernization Program in Bicol. The province of Albay saw 23 of these Hyundai modern PUVs turned over to the Tabaco-Legazpi Transport Cooperative in 2020. Last year saw 500 modern PUVs turned over to other local transport cooperatives in the country, and HARI plans to bring it to more key cities and provinces.

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