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Here are alternative routes that motorists can take around Meralco Avenue

The shortest path isn’t always the best way

Six years is a long time for a road closure, but we'll learn to live with it. PHOTO BY LEANDRO MANGUBAT

Traffic is momentarily worse with the closure of Meralco Avenue, so here are some alternative routes you can take. That stretch of road is important as it connects Ortigas Center and Barangay Kapitolyo with Shaw Boulevard dividing the two.

Illustration 1: How to enter Barangay Kapitolyo. ILLUSTRATION FROM GOOGLE MAPS
The main gate on West Capitol Drive is always open. PHOTO BY LEANDRO MANGUBAT
Those coming from EDSA could turn right to Pioneer and enter the gate on United Street. PHOTO BY LEANDRO MANGUBAT

For those going to Barangay Kapitolyo, the most direct way is to pass through Camino Verde Road in Capitol Commons, and cross the Kapitolyo-Shaw intersection (shown with the orange path). However, that is also the most congested path with traffic reaching as far as the East Wing of Estancia during peak hours.

Another alternative would be to pass through Captain Henry Javier and turn right to Shaw Boulevard from Oranbo Drive (shown with the blue path). However, you’d still have to make a left at the Kapitolyo-Shaw intersection.

If you’ll be coming from San Miguel Avenue, you could head straight to Sheridan Street, then turn left to United Street (shown with the green path).

Illustration 2: How to exit Barangay Kapitolyo. ILLUSTRATION FROM GOOGLE MAPS
The San Roque gate is only open for outgoing cars, and closes earlier at 8pm. PHOTO BY LEANDRO MANGUBAT
Going to the bridge is much more convenient via the gate on Fairlane Street. PHOTO BY LEANDRO MANGUBAT

Those coming out of Kapitolyo have access to the gate at San Roque Street (shown with the orange path). From this exit, you could head to D. Floro Street or Pasig Boulevard, both giving access to C5.

If you’ll be heading to the bridge, there’s no need to pass by Brixton Street as cars can exit directly to Fairlane Street (shown with the blue path) from West Capitol Drive.

There is still limited access to establishments on the San Antonio side of Meralco Avenue. PHOTO BY LEANDRO MANGUBAT

Please take note that only the main gate on West Capitol Drive is open 24 hours. The other gates are only open from 5am to 10pm, except the San Roque gate, which closes at 8pm.

Biking or walking from Kapitolyo to Estancia is usually quicker than driving there. PHOTO BY LEANDRO MANGUBAT

In spite of these alternatives, traffic was still bad even before the closure of Meralco Avenue. If you’re traveling only within the area, you might be better off cycling or walking, if possible.

Also, just because a path is the shortest one doesn’t always mean it’s the quickest route, because according to Braess’s Paradox, everyone will try to pass there.

However, nothing is permanent as people will adapt, and traffic will normalize eventually. Until then, we’ll have to live with the birth pangs of the construction of the Metro Manila Subway.

NOTE: Cars are now allowed to enter Barangay Kapitolyo via Fairlane Street from 5am to 10pm.

Leandro Mangubat

Leandro is our staff writer. Although having a background in mechanical engineering, he enjoys photography and writing more.