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Visit the Lexus display at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell until June 19

Catch the RX, the IS, and the LS in the metal

Who knows? You might walk out of the mall having bought a new Lexus. PHOTO FROM LEXUS

Suppose you’re a Lexus fan who lives near the Rockwell area in Makati. In that case, you might want to drop by the Power Plant Mall any time this week, starting today (June 13) until June 19 (which is Father’s Day) to catch the Lexus display to see the IS sports sedan, the RX crossover, and the LS flagship sedan in the metal.

You can also see if these two vehicles are right for you at the pop-up display. PHOTO FROM LEXUS

Mall-goers can experience the takumi craftsmanship across three different cars from the marque.

See how the LS can woo you with the perfection and features that only a flagship luxury sedan can deliver, like the kiriko glass art trim, the retractable ottomans for the über-comfortable rear seats, and the serenity inside the cabin once the doors are shut. The IS is also present if you prefer a dash of sportiness with luxury, and you can also find out if the RX is perfect for you or your family’s active lifestyle.

Sam Surla

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