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Sony Honda Mobility is the latest EV manufacturer from Japan

The newly established company will focus on creating ‘high-end, value-added’ electric vehicles

A collaboration between these two giants is sure to be very successful. PHOTOS FROM HONDA AND SONY

If you’ve been following our website, chances are that you may have heard that Honda and Sony have announced a joint venture to build EVs.

The news doesn’t sound that surprising, considering that the tech giant has been dabbling with its own EVs for quite some time now. But partnering with an established automaker is the way to go if you want to produce a well-made car right out of the gate.

And after many months, the said deal has been finalized, and this now has a name: Sony Honda Mobility.

The new company is based out of Tokyo, and will have a capital of 10 billion yen (around P4 billion). It’s a 50-50 investment split between Sony and Honda, and it will utilize the best of both companies—imaging, sensors, networking, and entertainment tech from the former, and safety, manufacturing, and after-sales expertise from the latter. Expect to see new EVs and mobility services from the brand by 2025.

Sam Surla

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