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Now is a good time to buy a Changan CS35 Plus

Both trim levels are offered at under P1 million

You can get a great deal on a CS35 Plus with this promo. PHOTO FROM CHANGAN

When most automakers say that they’re offering reduced prices, it’s usually done through modest discounts or slightly favorable financing rates. While each peso saved is definitely a blessing, buyers still feel like they never really score a good deal. But Changan Auto Philippines wants to change that perception.

The company has just slashed the price of the CS35 Plus range by a sizable chunk. What used to be at least P1,200,000 can now be had for slightly under a million bucks. The Hype variant now goes for P934,000, while the Luxe trim level comes in at P973,000.

No matter which version customers end up with, they definitely won’t be shortchanged. Standard equipment includes a 158hp turbo engine, 18-inch wheels, a 360° camera, and an assortment of electronic driver aids. The upmarket Luxe adds a power tailgate and a two-tone paint job to the mix.

As expected, big discounts never last long, and Changan’s promo is no different. This offer is available from June 13 to August 31 only, so now is really the right time to inquire at your preferred dealership for more details.

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